4-Drawer Wood File Cabinets

A file cabinet is an integral part of any workspaces. These cabinets offer excellent safekeeping as well as storage options for papers, folders, and other commercial or personal documents. Choosing a wooden cabinet that has four drawers is a great way to get organized in your home office. If you’re looking for a 4-drawer wood file cabinet, browse through the wide selection of wooden file cabinets below.

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4-Drawer Wood File Cabinets Catalog

Most people like to go with a wood filing cabinet that is made of either cherry, oak or pine. If you intend to design an office within your home, then you could settle with wood cabinets that match your chairs, desk and other office furniture. A classic and antique looking wood with a natural stained finish will be suitable for workplaces with a traditional theme. You can select wooden cabinets with matching colors like green, brown, grey, black, or white if you have furniture that is accented with solid wood and stainless steel.

Settling with a 4-drawer storage cabinet is actually a practical choice for someone who is just starting out. The number of files you ought to organize may only fit into two drawers. Hence, you could store other items like plates and cups in the remaining two drawers. These file drawers can be lateral or vertical. While vertical cabinets have great depth, they appear to be narrower in width. Lateral cabinets have more extended widths than their vertical counterparts, with a width of almost 45 inches. They are nowhere close to the vertical cabinets in terms of depth. The benefits of these 4-drawer cabinets are they have more storage options and appear to be more appealing in terms of designs. They can double as a stylish divider if two or three wood four drawer cabinets are placed side by side.

You should ensure that your drawer cabinet has wheel sliders and rails that are working correctly. The drawers should have lock mechanisms to ensure security. Go with waterproof laminated coatings and fire-resistant solid wood models if your main focus is to protect your documents.

Solid wood cabinets can enhance the interior decor of your workplace and can also stand the test of time. Putting flower vases and beautiful accents on top of your file cabinet will make it look more stylish and classy. Wooden cabinets are capable of exuding that cozy and warm atmosphere in your home office.