7-Piece Patio Dining Sets

If you're considering adding some sparkle to your outdoors to host al fresco dinners with your friends and family over the summer, then you need a dining set that offers comfortable seating and enough tabletop space for everyone. From traditional wooden pieces to more bistro-style tables and chairs, all of the best patio dining sets fit straight in with the rest of your outdoor space. If you're looking for a 7-piece patio dining set, browse through the wide selection of patio dining sets below.

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7-Piece Patio Dining Sets Catalog

Any outdoor dining set you buy should complement your preferences and current style. They should also have the durability to withstand against the elements of changing seasons. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a patio dining set.

Consider the Materials

Sturdy and robust materials like teak wood and powder-coated aluminum are popular choices when it comes to outdoor dining furniture. Teak wood withstands elements well, and it is more durable than other wood options. Teak also gains a shiny patina after being exposed to sunlight and rain, allowing it to age well.

The Look

Outside of the standard durability and strength of your furniture needs, different patio furniture materials can also create different styles. You should consider the style when picking patio furniture. Do you want a traditional looking garden? A more modern one? What design style do you prefer? Your outdoor furniture will be an extension of the home itself, so it should match up with it.

The Best Outdoor Dining Set Shape for Your Patio

You want to get a patio dining set shape that fits the available space and still leaves room for other patio furniture, including the grill and other accessories. Be sure to take measurements of the available space and keep a note of them on your phone, so you have them handy.

If you are after a casual al fresco dining experience, then having a circular table makes it easier to hold celebrations and conversations. If you're looking for an epic dinner party, then a rectangular table is best.

Consider the Versatility

Patio furniture is also available in aluminum, but this is best for seasonal use as it is lightweight. Even so, it's still fairly sturdy, and it's available in a range of colors, which also makes it versatile enough to match most outdoor environments. In a similar vein, wicker and rattan pieces are easy to move around. Outdoor furniture made from these materials is also comfortable because of their cushy weaves.

Choose the Right Size

How large you need your dining set to depend on the available outdoor space. In general, a bistro-style set (which has two chairs to one table) is excellent for a small patio or deck. If you want to create a small space in the garden for relaxing, those are great options. If you're going to eat outdoors though, then you should get a full dining set. These dining sets can have anywhere between four and eight seats depending on the amount of available space.

Think About the Surface

Wooden tabletops require minimal maintenance as you can wipe them clean using mild soap. Metal tables, on the other hand, get hot quickly if left out in the sun for too long. They should be kept under umbrellas or in shaded areas to prevent this. Glass top tables are also super simple to clean and are a wonderful addition to any garden, but they are best used in covered patios, decks, and porches because of their fragile nature. They are not able to resist the elements, so be sure to bring them inside for storage in colder seasons.