Porch Swings (with Stand)

Porch swings seem perfect when it comes to invigorating a dull or empty porch. With outdoor swings, you have an ideal spot for relaxation. Whether you need a glider swing that doesn't have to be attached to your ceiling or one of those outdoor swings which have cushions, there is no doubt that your home will benefit a lot from the addition of porch swing. If you’re looking for a porch swing with stand, browse through the wide selection of porch swings below.

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Porch Swings (with Stand) Catalog

Comfort and Safety

It is essential you find out how comfortable such a porch swing is before buying. One way to do this is through having to sit on it. Don’t forget that you will be making use of it for a very long time, which is why you want something that isn't too hard, especially on its back. Also, check whether it is safe to sit on. You can do this by checking whether the support chain’s weight will not be carrying your weight.

The porch’s carrying capacity should be checked thoroughly. Also, try to know if your ceiling will be able to cope with such a weight. You can choose a smaller porch swing or one that will be able to carry one person at a time.


Your porch’s size should be considered too. This is because there has to be adequate space through which the swing will be moving back and forth. The area doesn't have to be big but at least enough to swing freely and gently.

At the back of your porch swing, every other thing should be cleared. This is to prevent any form of accident. Consider placing only a few items by the side if you want to make the porch swing as the focal point.


Since porch swing mostly used outdoors, it is imperative you choose the best material based on the climate. In order words, such porch should be very durable to cope with the weather conditions in your area. Some of the materials that porch swings are being designed with are wicker, synthetic resin, fabric, metal, and wood. Natural wood such as cedar and teak can give you a combination of style and durability.

Standing: Free or Hanging

Options like these will have to be considered as well. Do you have space where a porch swing can be hanged or do you want a free standing swing type? The first option will a bit on the technical side since it involves custom installation. But if you opt for free-standing swing, all you need is to ensure that there is adequate space to place it.